COVID-19 Cases Continue To Rise

42 new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed Saturday in Catawba County, that is the highest one-day total of new coronavirus infections in Catawba County. The County recorded 30 new cases on Sunday.  

Fifteen cases were reported Sunday in Caldwell County, and a one day high of 29 was recorded Saturday bringing weekend total of cases reported to 44. The number of cases associated with Brockford Inn Assisted Living continues to rise. Five residents and two staff members received positive test results Sunday, bringing the total cases at the facility to 48 (32 residents and 16 staff). No additional cases have been reported as part of either of the county’s active clusters — Bakers Waste Inc. and Exela
Burke County reported 21 new infections on Saturday and on Friday Burke County Public Health was notified of the twentieth COVID-19
associated death in Burke County.  The individual in their 40’s was hospitalized but died from
complications associated with their underlying medical condition. Officials say they want to remind people that This infection continues to spread within our community and
has the potential to cause fatal results to anyone infected with this infection.  This is one reason why it is
important for everyone to comply with the face covering requirement and reduce the spread of this