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Five Caldwell County Schools Get Security Upgrades

Five schools in Caldwell County are getting security upgrade for the upcoming school year. The Lenoir News Topic reports South Caldwell, West Caldwell, Happy Valley, West Lenoir and Davenport each had construction done this summer to add

Senior Citizen Banquet Held in Lenoir

A banquet was held in Lenoir to honor and reunite local senior citizens. The Annual Senior Citizens Banquet takes places during the Harambee Festival at the Martin Luther King Junior Center. The News Topic reports the dinner,

Granite Falls Woman Convicted of Robbery

A Granite Falls Woman was convicted of robbing a convenience store and will spend at least four years behind bars. The News Topic Reports Judy Potter Norris was found guilty on charges linked to a 2017 robbery

Lenoir Rhyne Announces New Training Facility

Lenoir Rhyne University has announced the construction of  a $ 2.6 million training facility. The Daily Record reports that more than $1 million of the needed funding has already been raised. The University is hoping to break