Foothills Radio Group General Contest Rules

These rules apply to WKVS, WJRI, WKGX, and A complete copy of these rules can be obtained at the offices of Foothills Radio Group, 827 Fairview Dr, SW Lenoir, NC, from 8:30 am to Noon and 1:15pm to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, or by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the above address.


No purchase is necessary.

You must be at least 18 to win.


All contests are open to the general public except for employees, agents, subsidiaries and affiliates of  WKVS, WJRI, WKGX, Foothills Radio Group, participating sponsors, their immediate families, and household members. No employees of newspapers, TV stations, or other radio stations or their family members are eligible. All winners must be U.S. residents.

An individual and/or household may win an on-going contest only once every thirty-day period unless otherwise specifically stated.  An individual may win other seasonal or one-time contests only once for the duration of the contest. If you win prizes valued at $5,000 or more you can’t win again for one year.


All entry forms must be fully filled-out with accurate contact information or they will be disqualified.  

Winner must pick up prize in person, and prize may not be transferred to someone else if winner unable to pick it up.


You must present photo ID to claim your prize and sign any required waivers or paperwork requested.  All State, Local, Federal and or other taxes, duties, tariffs, title fees, licensing fees, or other fees for prizes awarded become the sole responsibility of the winner.  All those who win a prize / prizes valued at over $600 will be issued an IRS form 1099 to report their winnings.


All prizes are awarded “as is.”   Gifts are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged.


The station shall not be responsible for the failure of participating sponsors to deliver prizes as promised.


All entrants and winners agree that the station, Foothills Radio Group, and their affiliates, shall have no liability and shall be held blameless for any injury, misfortune, or damage to either persons or property insured by entering, participating in, winning, or losing any contest by use or non-use of any prize received.


All prizes must be claimed in person at the station during regular business hours and within 14 days of winning, excluding holidays.  After such time, ownership of said prize reverts back to the station to be disposed of at their discretion.  The winner then loses all claims and rights to said prize.


All entry blanks, forms devices and materials, as well as all the information contained on or within, gathered during the course of entry, shall become the sole property of Foothills Radio Group to be used, disposed of or destroyed at its discretion.


All entrants and winners agree that the station may broadcast or publish (including but not limited to publication in print and/or digital media) their name, city of residence, photo, video, film or any other likeness, including their voice, recorded or live, for any reason the station deems necessary without compensation.  All entrants further agree to hold the station blameless and without liability for such publication, broadcast or use.


The station reserves the right to end a contest at any time without any advance notice to the public. Prizes may be substituted, contest can be discontinued, or these rules may be amended at any time at the discretion of Foothills Radio Group.  


The station reserves the right to limit the number of times an individual may enter a contest or drawing.


The station reserves the right to require contestants to be present at drawings in order to win their prize.


Violations of any of these rules or attempts to win any contest by fraud, deception, or cheating shall be grounds for the station to disqualify that individual from participating in all current and future contests and events at the sole discretion of the station, as well as forfeiture of any prize or prizes won by fraudulent means.

No laws may be broken in the efforts to win any prizes.

Some contests may have additional rules that apply.   If so, those rules apply to that specific contest.