Aerial Tree Trimming to Take Place in Southern Caldwell County

Residents in southern Caldwell County should be aware that Blue Ridge Energy will be using an 800-pound, 10-blade aerial saw suspended from a helicopter to prune vegetation along right of ways. The tree trimming will occur Monday, September 30, through Friday, October 4, in the Grace Chapel, Hudson, Granite Falls, and Sawmills areas.

According to the Blue Ridge Energy website, the cooperative uses aerial tree trimming “because it produces less impact to members’ property. It also is a safe and environmentally friendly vegetation management practice, approved by the American National Standards Institute. The method works well in difficult terrain like the mountainous territory served by Blue Ridge —  helicopter pilots carefully conduct pruning, and trained spotters on the ground are in constant communication with the pilot. Blue Ridge Energy employees also are on site during the process.”

Article courtesy of Caldwell County Government.