Operation Green Light will Illuminate buildings in Honor of Veterans

Burke County announced that several county buildings, and the Historic Morganton Courthouse will be illuminated green as part of Operation Green Light, a new initiative between Burke County, the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners, the National Association of Counties and the National Association of County Veteran Service Officers. Operation Green Light’s mission is to show support for veterans of all military conflicts, as well as raise awareness about the unique challenges faced by many veterans (and their families) and the resources that are available at the county, state, and federal level to assist veterans and their families. Residents are encouraged to participate by simply changing one light bulb in their house to a green bulb. This can be an exterior light that neighbors and passersby see, or an interior light that sparks a conversation with friends. By shining a green light, we are letting our veterans know that they are seen, appreciated, and supported. For more information on Burke County Veterans Services and to learn more about resources available to veterans, please visit https://www.burkenc.org/1232/Veterans-Services or call 828-439-4376.